If you or a member of your family has been charged with a crime in New York State, the sooner you take action to protect your own rights by hiring a lawyer, the better your chances will be to minimize the potential consequences of a conviction and permanent criminal record.

Our New York criminal defense lawyers understand what is at stake in your criminal case and we can provide the effective defense representation you will need to challenge the state’s case.

You cannot talk  to a lawyer soon enough.

You can be confident putting your defense in our hands. We will begin an immediate investigation and collect evidence to support your defense, including contacting witnesses and getting statements from other parties. For a free consultation


How We Can Help

Our team-centered approach ensures that you receive the personal attention you deserve and that you have access to and benefit from all of the experience, knowledge and resources we have to offer as a firm.

We provide effective criminal defense representation on behalf of clients charged with serious felonies in Federal, Supreme and County Courts throughout the state of New York. For less serious offenses, including DWI, misdemeanor drug charges and traffic violations, our practice spans the Greater Hudson Valley region. We also handle state and federal criminal appeals.